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Real Estate Transactions

Assisting clients with Real Estate Transactions: Residential, Commercial, Purchase and Sale Agreements, Easements, Title Issues


Most people do not realize that Medicaid/Mainecare is not just for the poor or impoverished. Generally, people who need Medicaid planning are middle class or upper-middle class people

Estate Planning

Estate Planning allows an individuals to control their property while they are alive and able, to take care of themselves and their loved ones

Trusts & Wills

A Revocable Trust is not difficult to create and maintain and can easily be changed. The trust maker retains complete control.

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Aging in Maine works closely with families and businesses to protect assets and ensure that all legal transactions safeguard the clients rights and best interest.

Estate Planning allows an individual to control their property while they are alive and able, to take care of themselves and their loved ones if they should become disabled or incapacitated, and give what they have the they want and when they want, while saving every tax dollar, professional fee and court cost possible.

Let us help you complete your Estate Planning needs: Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney – Financial and Advanced Healthcare Directives, Probate, Medicaid Planning, VA Planning, Camp Legacy Planning, Real Estate Transactions, Small Business Formation, Business Succession and Wealth Preservation Planning, Farm Succession Planning, Trust Administration, Guardianship’s, Special Needs Planning, Asset Protection Planning, Estate Tax Planning, Charitable Planning, and Pet Planning Trusts.

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